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About Testing

Screening Test

This test will simply gives a yes or no answer. If results come back as yes we recommend having a Confirmation Test completed.

Confirmation Test

If methamphetamine is present in the screening test a confirmation test is recommended. The confirmation test helps to determine exactly how much methamphetamine is present in each room.

This is very important as without a confirmation test a person could waste money cleaning rooms that require no cleaning.

A laboratory report is provided as part of the result along with a summary letter, this helps to provide clarity to the client as to what action (if any) is recommended next.

Post Remedial Test

Once any cleaning work has been done, we recommend not relying on a test result provided by the clean-up company (as clearly this has the chance of being a biased test and therefore may provide an incorrect result).

Our technician will go and test the specific areas of the house that were identified on the confirmation test and any other secondary tests you may require.